Save your bearings with Racecap™ System

A complete system.

The Racecap™ Fastdry patent together with the Racecap™ FLC patent allow to keep the bearing in a dry environment avoiding stagnation and rapidly evacuating liquids and dirt. Replacing the dust cover with Racecap™ FLC significantly reduces friction and increases performance.

The original is only Racecap™. Passion cannot be copied.

Racecap™ System is the result of many years of testing and several evolutionary steps. When passion moves ideas, best results are achieved.

Best protection, best performance.

The innovative patents of Racecap™ System allow to keep the bearing in a dry environment, without stagnating liquids and to eliminate the frictions caused by the dust cover. With Racecap™ System it increases bearing life and the performance of the bike.

Easy to assemble.

The accurate research enabled us to find the right elasticity of materials, allowing an easy, rapid and effective installation.

Best design result.

The wheel-hub shape is reinvented; it becomes the seat of the FastDry Racecap™, placing it in perfect harmony with the wheel system.

The original Made in Italy.

Racecap™ idea was born in the wonderful paths surrounding Bologna, during the motorbike excursions of its inventor. Racecap™ is entirely produced between Bologna and Bergamo (Italy).

What are you waiting for? Select the right Racecap for your bike.

Colors available.

Racecap FastDry is made in KTM, Husqvarna, Beta original colors and in black.