Racecap F3 removable protection kit for forks blu color


Racecap F3 is an extra rubber seal with anti-friction additives that protects the fork from dry and wet mud, water, ice, snow, dust, etc. The two-colored bracelet gives the fork an attractive appearance.


Designed on WP48mm, compatible with: Showa, Kayaba, Sachs 48mm

1) Dismount the forks from the triple clamp and clean the outer tube

2) Insert the sealing ring (yellow in figure) from the top of the forks and position it as shown in figure

3) Insert logged strip (blue in figure) from the top

4) insert Racecap F3 ring (black in figure); it’s not necessary to insert it from the top (you can also insert it when the forks are mounted)

5) Put the Racecap F3 ring in the right position as shown in the enlarged figure

6) Put the logged strip over the Racecap F3 ring as shown in figure

7) Mount the forks

To clean the system it’s not necessary to remove the forks from the triple clamp, just remove the logged strip from the Racecap F3 ring dilate it out of the seat and clead the sealing ring.

Frienduro declines all responsibility for damage caused by improper use of the Racecap headphones. The product is guaranteed for two years according to the law for manufacturing defects.

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