Racecap FastDry Husqvarna rear wheel bearing saver caps blue kit


The wheel protection caps Racecap FastDry guarantee a longer life of the wheel bearings without causing further friction, they also improve the appearance: perfectly integrated lines and original colors.


Husqvarna FE/TE/FC/TC/TX  from 2014 on (20mm wheel shaft) (*) Husaberg FE/TE/FC/TC from 2002 with spacers produced in 2007 or later (*) not compatible with 25mm wheel shaft

Racecap FastDry are compatible with KTM wheels and spacers produced in 2007 or later; Husaberg from 2007 to the end of production, Husqvarna from 2014 on. KTM and Husaberg wheel hub is compatible for models from 2002 on, but spacers are compatible if produced in 2007or later. Racecap FastDry are not compatible with Husqvarna models previous to 2014. In order to mount Racecap Fastdry, wheels should be removed from the bike.

1) Remove wheel from motorcycle.

2) Clean and degrease spacers carefully and insert Racecap in the appropriate seat as shown in the picture.

3) Removing spacers from the wheel is not necessary to mount Racecap FastDry.

Hint: take a ride with the bike after washing, to allow any small water deposit to exit from Racecap FastDry.

Frienduro disclaims every liability for damage caused by improper use of Racecap protections.

The product is guaranteed for manufacturing defects for two years, according to the law.


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