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Racecap™ System. Best protection and design, zero friction

The new Racecap™ System guarantees superior bearing life, improving aesthetics and performance.

The Racecap™ patents

In inglese: Racecap™ System is covered by three patents. The hub-Racecap harmony has the dual purpose of making the aesthetic appealing and functionality at the highest levels. The particular internal shape of the Racecap™ FastDry allows rapid drainage of liquids and dirt, even in the static phase during washing. Finally, during the dynamic phase the FLC internal component performs an active function in the expulsion of liquids and dirt guaranteeing maximum smoothness of the wheel thanks to the absence of friction with the spacer.

Warranty 2 years

Racecap™ System protections are covered by a consumer guarantee.

Totally Made in Italy 

Racecap™ protections are completely designed, tested and manufactured in Italy