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The evolution of Racecap™

Starting from the initial idea, Racecap™ protections have come a long way: off-road, of course! Years of testing enabled us to evolve an idea up to the present state of the art, passing through prototypes, measurements, statistics. By optimizing the dimensions in harmony with the hub and introducing various patented solutions, Racecap™ System has become extraordinarily effective, both from a mechanical and design point of view.

Alberto Gambarini: passion and love for enduro.

Alberto Gambarini was born in Bologna, in the 70s. At the age of 12, he moved in a flat over an important KTM dealer in Casalecchio di Reno, where his passion for motorcycles and enduro began. "When I was looking at the shop windows I was stunning in front of dirt bikes" he says, "but the thrilled eyes I had looking at the bikes then, are the same as today". At 16 the motorcycle great passion officially starts; it is destined to last a lifetime. In 2010, talking to an expert in molds and rubber, he designed a first Racecap™ prototype on a napkin, during a children's party; a new adventure had begun.